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Saint-Gobain Glass

Saint-Gobain Glass


Saint-Gobain Glass

Saint-Gobain Glass history

Saint-Gobain’s history begins in 1665 when King Louis XIV signed the documents officially creating the Manufacture royale des glaces de miroirs. This initiative reflected the economic policy of the King’s Minister of Finances, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, who wanted to compete with Venice in Europe’s mirror glass market.

Successive periods of diversification and refocusing followed, forging Saint-Gobain as it is today, a company that has retained its historic core business but which has also considerably diversified its product portfolio to become the worldwide leader in habitat.


Glass for sustainable habitat

Saint-Gobain Glass offers a complete range of energy efficient coated glass and insulated glazing. With solar control, low emissivity, low maintenance and transparency, our glass meets the requirements of low energy consumption buildings. The innovation and the technology developed by Saint-Gobain serve comfort and well-being for sustainable habitat.

Saint-Gobain Glass strives to serve and support all construction stakeholders involved in new-build and renovation projects. In every living and working place, wherever comfort, performance and safety are required, we fulfill our customers’ needs in four major fields: facades, windows, interior design and protection.