Protect the patient's treatment process and life safety

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics provides high-performance products and services for the Life Sciences market. Our technical expertise, global manufacturing capabilities, and market knowledge combine with our research and development resources to meet the evolving needs of laboratory, medical and pharmaceutical customers around the world.


Saint-Gobain creates customized single-use solutions for the biopharmaceutical production market.  This includes bioprocess containers, connections, closures and tubing among other products from recognizable brands like TYGON®, Sani-Tech®, C-Flex®, Pure-Fit® and a host of others.

Market Application

C-Flex® tubing is manufactured from pharmaceutical-grade thermoplastic elastomer,it's sealable and weldable either, with smooth inner bore for superior fluid flow. All formulas are Animal-Derived Component Free (ADCF) , complies with USP Class VI and ISO standards, with comprehensive validation files, also can provide FDA-DMF code.

C-Flex® biopharmaceutical tubing

Bio-Simplex ® series products integrated C - Flex ® thermoplastic tubing, EZ-TOP container  closure, and the sampling bottle/conical flask/bottle as the single use system, providing flexible solutions for aseptic sampling,  subpackaging, cell culture and seed expansion etc.


EZ-Top® container closures are used for the connection of glass/plastic bottles and caps, providing an aseptic seal for liquid transfer and sampling, the integrated structure eliminated product damage and pollution caused by loose connection.

EZ-Top® container closures

PharMed® BPT biocompatible tubing for peristaltic pumps has super long service life of 1000 hours continuously, sterilizable repeatly under high pressure, meets USP Class VI and FDA criteria, with comprehensive validation files., also can provide FDA-DMF code.

PharMed® BPT biocompatible tubing

Pure-fit ® series products include various hoses, tube clamps, and sterile connectors etc., this series products are comply to the requirements of the USP and ISO, with comprehensive validation files.


Sani-Tech® platinum-cured silicone tubing is famous with it's low dissolution/ precipitation and long life, with comprehensive validation files.

Sani-Tech® platinum-cured silicone tubing

TYGON® silicon tubing has low dissolution/ precipitation and long life, with comprehensive validation files.

TYGON® silicon tubing

BarbLock ® ultra-secure retainers are designed for retaining flexible tubing and hose onto barbed fittings, provides 360° radial crimp behind the barb, solving inherent leak path problems in sensitive and demanding applications.

BarbLock ® ultra-secure retainers

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