Gyproc, Weber & Saint-Gobain Glass join together to emphasize leadership in sustainable habitats and construction at Architect ’18


Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited, the first gypsum manufacturer in Thailand and innovator of the leading brand “Gyproc”, Saint-Gobain Weber Co., Ltd. (under the Gecko trademark), leader in tile adhesive/grout, waterproofing and construction mortar, together with Saint-Gobain Glass Exprover Thailand (the world’s leading performance glass manufacturer) join forces for the first time at Architect Fair 2018. The collaboration will present the best innovative solutions in response to today's core challenges, addressing issues of growth management, energy efficiency and environmental protection, in a booth design entitled “Multi-Comfort” by Saint-Gobain. Saint-Gobain welcomes architects, developers, design students, engineers and homeowners whilst visiting the booth D101 at Architect ’18 during 1-6 May, 2018.

The Multi-Comfort concept by Saint-Gobain is all about building and renovating homes, offices, hospitals and schools in a way that results in greater levels of comfort, health and wellbeing. The concept was developed for a new way of designing living spaces which helps to maximize a sense of wellbeing and more comfortable life inside the buildings in which people live, work and play. Multi-Comfort is classified into four categories based on senses of Seeing (Visual Comfort), Feel (Thermal Comfort), Breath (Indoor Comfort) and Hearing (Acoustic Comfort). With this concept, Gyproc, Weber and Saint-Gobain Glass create innovation to deliver comfort across all dimensions, ranging from environment-friendly solutions, acoustics, wet area, thermal, health and safety.
Nicolas Godet, CEO Construction Products South-East Asia at Saint-Gobain, said, “For the past 353 years, Saint-Gobain has pioneered the development of innovative building materials and solutions that shape the way we live today.

At Saint-Gobain, we’re always innovating to discover new solutions to help our customers live more sustainably and more comfortably. Research and Innovation are at the heart of Saint-Gobain’s strategy. The Group’s research focuses both on breakthrough innovations, and on continuously improving products, processes and services (in a spirit of openness and attentiveness to customer needs). In alignment with the Thailand 4.0 initiative that the Ministry of Energy announced as a policy to manage the country’s energy systems to ensure secure, cost-competitive and environmentally sustainable sources of energy, Saint-Gobain has launched the Multi Comfort program which offers a range of high performance, comfort enhancing and energy saving products and solutions help to create a more sustainable building environment. We believe that occupants want a final building specification that not only optimizes energy consumption, but as with our Multi Comfort program also delivers optimal user comfort.   It is important to understand how the characteristics of the materials you specify will influence the building’s long-term performance – in all its complexity and during seasonal variations.

Gyproc, Weber and Saint-Gobain Glass trade under Saint-Gobain Group, which has a successful history spanning more than 353 years. The Group is renowned globally for designing, manufacturing and distributing high-performance materials. Accounting for almost 70% of the Group’s sales, Habitat is Saint-Gobain’s main market. With a unique and diversified portfolio of materials and services, its products improve the energy efficiency and thermal, acoustic, visual and health performance of buildings. Saint-Gobain provides solutions for the external envelope (roofs, facade coatings, external insulation systems, insulating glazing, etc.) and the internal lining (insulation, gypsum boards, ceilings, etc.). They are used in all types of new residential projects (single and multi-unit dwellings). The collaboration at this event emphasizes world leadership in the habitat and construction markets of Saint-Gobain Group and its mission to develop construction and renovation solutions for all customers. Gyproc, Weber and Saint-Gobain Glass all create products and solutions that are energy-efficient, comfortable, healthy and aesthetically superior while at the same time conserving natural resources.

Richard Juggery, Managing Director, Thai Gypsum Products Public Company Limited, said, “Energy performance is at the heart of Saint-Gobain’s concerns. To take this a step further, the Group has now committed to the Multi-Comfort renovation market by adapting its single and multi-unit housing program to deliver solutions. As the leader in interior drywall and ceiling systems in Thailand, Gyproc’s activity constantly innovates to integrate its gypsum boards into account different building requirements: energy performance, thermal regulations, fire protection, protection of interior air quality, etc. to create modern internal environments that offer comfort and safety for building occupants. Gyproc gypsum boards are lightweight and easy to install providing high quality, high performance linings for walls and ceilings, lift shafts and stairwells, corridors and auditoria, in buildings as diverse as houses, schools, hospitals and cinemas. We are confidence that our systems will meet all your application and construction needs.”
Loïc Pageot, Sales Director China, ASEAN & Oceania, Saint-Gobain Glass Exprover Thailand, said, “We are the world leader in the glass for habitat and construction markets, designs, manufactures and distributes building materials, providing innovative solutions to meet growing demand in emerging economies, for energy efficiency and for environmental protection. This collaboration sees us join forces to bring the best innovative solutions from three companies, to be combined and integrated to provide our customers with unique industrial expertise. Taken jointly, the result of this collaboration is greater than the sum of its parts, bringing a wealth of integration options as we develop, manufacture and sell such a broad range of building materials. We are excited to welcome both new-build and renovation customers to experience this fantastic integrated approach under ‘Multi-Comfort’ at the mock-up display room”. 

Pimjai Utadej, Managing Director, Saint-Gobain Weber Co., Ltd., said, "We are delighted to appear as an exhibitor at Architect '18, the biggest exhibition of architectural works, materials and construction technology in Southeast Asia. The event allows us to unveil the Multi-Comfort" experience program by Saint-Gobain for the first time in Thailand, and also bring us new customers and give us opportunities to show our market-leading solutions. Weber, Gyproc and Saint-Gobain Glass are some of the best-known companies in the construction sector; under Saint-Gobain Group, we aim to develop sustainable and comfortable solutions that guarantee the wellbeing of individuals and society as a whole. We intend to continue to develop and drive forward the growth of the Thai modern interiors industry in order to support sustainable construction growth in Thailand”.

At the booth, Gyproc will shows a complete range of gypsum boards, ceiling products, metal system components and plaster products, and also offer design ideas for visitors to learn how to use gypsum boards to decorate rooms at the "mock-up" display room, featuring products that are thermal resistant, moisture resistant or sound insulated. Weber also present products such as tile adhesive, tile grout, waterproofing products and construction mortar. Saint-Gobain Glass presents SGG MIRASTAR® which features a stunning mirror effect the reflective facets of which vary depending on the lighting. Depending on conditions, it shows a mirror effect or a transparent glass effect which transmits light, and enables the creation of uniquely new appearances for flat surfaces. The booth will host a DIY area for customers to experience these products and enjoy creative consulting from a team of experts on hand throughout Architect ‘18 to provide detailed advice.

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