Building & Construction

Norton and Clipper diamond blades, cut-off and grinding wheels plus an extensive offer of masonry saws, floor saws, core drilling and tile sawing machines for the most demanding professionals, craftsmen and contractors within the building and construction market.

Building Contractors

Building contractors are responsible for the development of the core parts of a building and accountable for ensuring that the building mechanical system runs smoothly and safely. Norton Clipper are the leaders in the design and manufacturer of a wide range of innovative, high quality diamond and power tools for the construction and stone industries, delivering building contractors with the tools they need

Diamond Tools
For Stone & Industry:

Industrial Sawing

  • Diamond blades for manufacture of bricks and pre-stressed concrete.   

Industrial Grinding

  • Made-to-order and bespoke to each customer and their application.


Machinery For
Construction & Industry:

  • Masonry saws

  • Floor saws

  • Drills and rigs

  • Floor preparation machines

  • Wall saws


Diamond Tools For

  • Diamond cut off and grinding blades

  • Core drills for all building materials and reinforced concrete, asphalt and hard ceramic tiles

Product Brand

Norton Clipper